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Do I need a hostel card?


Is there a curfew or lockout?

Of course not, you’ve paid for your bed so you’re entitled to go to sleep whenever you want.

Do you provide bedsheets? What about towels and padlocks?

Bedsheets are included on the price, of course. As for towels and padlocks, you can rent them for R$ 5 per item for the duration of your stay.

Is there an age restriction?

LimeTime is recommended to people between the ages of 18 and 35. If you’re older than that you’re more than welcome. However, you should be young at heart to enjoy your time here. Kids, even accompanied by their relatives, will not be accepted as guests.

How early do I need to book?

The earlier the better. Sao Paulo doesn’t really have a high season so it’s hard to predict the busy months.

Until what time do you hold my reservation?

If you make a secured online booking on our website, there is no deadline – if you don´t show up at all, we´ll charge your credit card the amount of your first night´s stay. If you book by phone or email, tell us what time you’ll arrive and we’ll keep the bed for you!

What time can I move into my room?

We’re very flexible about check in times. If we have free beds and the room is not crowded, we’ll let you into your room asap. But if the hostel is full, then we’ll just have to wait for the check-in time which is 1pm.

Is there a guest kitchen at LimeTime?

Yes, there is a guest kitchen here and a guest fridge as well. You can use pretty much everything except for things labeled as STAFF. Just make sure you clean after yourself.

Can I work at the hostel?

There’s always a chance. Just send us an email to jobs@limetimehostels.com and tell us what you’re looking for. We hire foreigners for bar and reception position in exchange for board and meals. The brazilian law don’t let us pay foreigners without a working visa. So if you’re looking for a month or two working experience in Brazil, let us know.